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Led Advertising Frame Series

Within the realm of innovative displays, a diverse spectrum of cutting-edge products emerges, each showcasing unique features tailored for distinct advertising needs. The OPEN LED display, a beacon for shop windows and entrances, boasts a powerful, uniformly bright illumination, complemented by an easy assembly and captivating design that catches the eye of passersby.

These products are the results of random combinations, and their content can be changed contextually without additional costs.

This standout LED frame boasts an attractive design. It’s particularly suitable for various spaces such as commercial areas, in front of shop windows, on office ceilings, reception areas, and other places where messaging is crucial.

This LED frame used for advertising has an easy installation design, allowing LED characters to be easily changed by anyone without requiring expertise.

Thanks to this advertising LED frame, content can be altered multiple times throughout the day without incurring additional costs, thanks to its versatility.

This product can be utilized in various situations for promoting products, services, and also serves as an eye-catching decorative element. It offers a versatile advertising solution suitable for both storefronts and interiors.

LED letters, numbers, or symbols can be mounted on the two-component carriers of the advertising LED frame.

The frame is equipped with an internal 7-color LED strip, allowing the selection of different effects for RGB LED colors through a mobile application: slow change, dance, flashing, tracking, etc. Its colorful models and dynamic lights can make your store unique and attention-grabbing.

Advantages of using an LED advertising frame:

  • Unique artistic appearance
  • Dynamic functionality
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Ability to select desired models through a mobile application