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Magnetic Counter Series

This product, easily installed with a simple magnetic click, boasts a strong and high-quality magnetic connection ensuring solid stability for the displayed words.

The abcMIX Magnetic Counter Series is designed using the Arial font for letters, numbers, and LED symbols, ensuring optimal readability even from a distance.

Available in various heights of 3,74″, 4,72″, 6,69″, and 8,66″, except for the letters g, j, p, q, and y due to their incompatible base alignment.

It allows combinations of LED screens, rechargeable hearts, trees, and various symbols. LED symbols are notably useful when conveying personalized messages, whether for private or commercial purposes.

For instances where non-rechargeable signs are used, it is recommended to position combinations near a power source. Alternatively, a suitable power bank can be used, enabling placement of messages without relying on the proximity of a power outlet.

Each aluminum rail within the Aluminum Profile Series is equipped with an internal metal strip designed to attract magnets, ensuring the signs’ complete stability. These profiles, suspended with rods, efficiently utilize space and can be applied in reception desks, window sills, and similar locations.

This versatile magnetic LED base series caters to a wide array of applications, from marking corridors in supermarkets, malls, airports, to placement in commercial spaces, including product and service promotion.