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Outdoor Sign

Installation is extremely easy, reducing production times to zero with standard sizes and Arial font.

LED characters with heights of 3,93″, 5,90″, and 7,87″ are recommended for indoor setups. These characters, combined with LED letters, numbers, symbols, and displays, form LED texts indicating the presence of products and services we want to promote.

LED numbers are suitable not only for indoor applications but also particularly for outdoor use. For instance, mounting LED numbers of 7,87″ or 19,68″ on building facades or doors is an elegant option for property identification.

All signs in this LED series have a color temperature of 6500K, ensuring increased performance alongside readability.

Using LED symbols to convey messages or directions is also a great alternative. For example, in pharmacies, the heart-shaped LED symbol can be positioned near a medication area associated with similar illnesses.

Similarly, in public spaces equipped with access colors, using an LED symbol shaped like a four-directional arrow is also possible.

The 500mm size is recommended for outdoor use, visible even from a distance thanks to its IP65 protection rating. In this size, only uppercase letters, numbers, and 4 LED symbols are available: circle, heart, &, and !.

Furthermore, the IP65 protection rating enables safe outdoor use, making it a significant and competitive alternative in the three-dimensional LED signage industry.