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Top Track Series

The Top Track Series is an extremely user-friendly series where signs can be easily slid along the aluminum profile. The ability to change the appropriate combinations of the desired message multiple times a day without incurring additional costs is just one of the advantages this series offers.

Sliding LED letters, numbers, and symbols are designed with the Arial font, guaranteeing optimal readability even from a distance. Within this series, large letters, numbers, and LED symbols are available in heights of of 3,9″, 5,9″, and 7,9″, and LED displays with a height of 7,9″.

All signs in this series have a magnetic connection point at their tops, ensuring aesthetic alignment with the aluminum profile. The magnetic connection point slides on the relevant profile, aligning the signs to create the desired message.

For the Top Track Series, each profile is equipped with a metal strip inside the rail to attract magnets. This design ensures complete stability of the signs.

Once connected to the DC driver, the letters, numbers, and symbols will light up automatically.

From marking a corridor (e.g., in supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, etc.) to branding a storefront and even commercial spaces or other types of public areas, the versatility of the Top Track Series LED offers various applications.