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Magnetic Free Standing

Magnetic Free Standing” is an ideal product for commercial spaces and financial institutions. By seamlessly integrating sound, video, and light, it offers a striking signaling solution.

Equipped with advanced technology, this product allows for the upload of unique artistic and personal content, suitable for both commercial and private events. For instance, it can be used to upload emotionally significant memories, creating a unique artistic impact with special images and videos.

The feature of the audio system enables the addition of desired sound effects to the visuals, thereby creating a distinctive atmosphere. The product’s use involves selecting various LED sign groups and video/audio combinations for different scenarios. Additionally, even the 680mm-sized signs can be easily moved and replaced thanks to the wheels.

It features an effortless installation with the Magnetic Click feature, ensuring a strong magnetic connection for the stability of words.

The P3 Video Event Series consists of displays created with high letters (only capital letters), numbers, and magnetic LED symbols via a mobile app-controlled system.

It is commonly used in expansive spaces like exhibition entrances, weddings, product launches, airports, and proves highly useful for event organizers.

Moreover, there are numerous LED screen options available for indoor placement, which can serve as decorative elements, such as a heart. A heart placed and illuminated in a living room creates a unique and elegant look.

Operated at 24VDC, users are safe even if they accidentally come into contact with the magnetic power supply. “Magnetic Free Standing” is an excellent choice to express and highlight both commercial and personal messages in an engaging way