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Lightbox Series

Tabbed under the innovative Lightbox series, abcMIX presents a diverse range of versatile LED displays tailored for various commercial needs and brand promotions. These displays offer a blend of functionality and aesthetics, making them ideal for enhancing visibility in commercial spaces, financial institutions, and retail showcases.

The ultra-thin, double-sided hanging LED display is strategically designed for optimal visibility, positioned either above customer walkways or near product showcases to effectively showcase brands and products. Its adjustable hangers and adaptable hanging height allow seamless integration into different spaces.

The A4-A5 LED light box, available in two formats, offers exceptional versatility by allowing different images on each face. With integrated high-quality LEDs, these light boxes provide up to 8 hours of illumination, effortlessly grabbing attention in cafes, restaurants, stores, or as promotional signage.

Moreover, the A3 LED display, adaptable in portrait or landscape formats, utilizes integrated LEDs to illuminate UV-printed foils, offering flexibility in displaying vivid content.

The Double-Sided Hanging Light Box, equipped with adjustable hanging rods and rings, is tailored to efficiently promote brands and products, ensuring high visibility and brand exposure.

The Double Sided Counter Stand Light Box, characterized by its generous distribution panel and stylish design, becomes an impactful two-way LED advertising tool, enhancing advertising visibility and decor in stores and showrooms.

The A2 floor-standing LED advertising panel, with adjustable height and excellent readability, caters to diverse business needs, serving as a versatile promotional tool or a decorative element complementing existing decor.

Furthermore, the Hexagon LED display series offers customizable configurations and personalized prints/images, adding a unique and tasteful presence to any room setup.

Each product within the Lightbox series is crafted with precision and versatility, offering impactful and creative solutions for brand promotion, visibility enhancement, and decorative appeal in various commercial settings.