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Double Sided Counter Stand Light Box

Double Sided Counter Stand Light Box:
Ideal for stores and showrooms, the Double Sided Counter Stand Light Box presents a distinctive two-way LED advertising panel, setting it apart from existing models.

Featuring a generous 19.69″ x 7.09″ distribution panel, it accommodates complex text and image content, maximizing the visibility and impact of advertising campaigns. The slim structure and stylish design contribute to a unique decorative atmosphere in your store.

Key advantages distinguishing it from similar products include:

  • Bidirectional information display for visibility from both sides.
  • Elegant design with rounded corners frame.
  • Application of UV printing film on both sides of the diffusion panel with different images.
  • LED illuminated distribution panel with an 8000K color temperature for exceptional readability.
  • Ultra-thin frame, measuring 0.35″.
  • 10.5W LED distribution panel.
  • High definition ensuring brightness with 8000 lux.

Dimensions and material:
The diffusion panel, measuring 19.69″ x 7.09″, combined with high-quality LED lighting, maximizes visibility for complex text and image content. The LED advertising stand consists of an ABS frame, glass diffusion panel, aluminum base, and two UV-printed foils according to customer specifications.

How to use, how it works:
Installation is straightforward, with two UV-printed foils applied between the glass panel and the diffusion panel on both sides. The base is equipped with a type C power “point,” operating at 12VDC for user safety.

Double Sided Counter Stand Light Box usage areas:
Versatile in its applications, the Double Sided Counter Stand Light Box elevates store decor with its stylish and elegant design, offering a unique aesthetic that sets it apart from the competition.